Fall Newsletter

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Real Estate

We have just release our newsletter for this fall season. You can get a copy from here.


Our current newsletter is divided into 5 sections:

The first section of the newsletter is a greeting or welcome note from us. Below is a sample photo of the first section of our newsletter. 



The second part talks about on how to stay safe during unexpected events such as typhoons. The second section compose of three pages with its 4 ways in each page. Below here is the sample of the second section.



The third section is the featured listing. The Featured Listing is where we usually features the properties that we have that is currently on the list right now. It includes also the details of that property and our contact number to those people who are interested to buy the property. 

The next section contains the details of our team. All the details that you want to know about us are already in this section. 

The next section is the featured review. It is where we put the reviews that our past clients have with us. 


The last section tells about reasons on why you must sell or buy a house this season. It composes of three pages and it is also divided into two parts: the reason to buy a home and the reason to sell a home. 

Aside from this, we have the contact page and the sample questions that you can ask to us. 



So there you have it, our newsletter for this season. Enjoy reading this season's newsletter!