Love and Credit Score

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Do you know that a credit score affects your relationship with your partner?


Really?! Yes,


Here are some ways how your partner's credit performance can affect your relationship:

  • Taking out Loan together - the lender usually checks on both of your credit scores. If your partner has a low credit score, you could have difficulty in financing your dream home. However, you may still get the dream home paying a higher interest rate.


  • Renting an apartment - If your partner has a low credit score, there is a high possibility that the landlord will deny your application or will charge you double or even three-times the security deposit.


  • Co-sign for a loan - If your partner has a poor credit score, yours will be affected as well especially, if you co-sign for each other. Their poor credit has the potential to bleed over into your credit report. Should they default, you get to pay off the debt and your credit can suffer. Same also if you have given your spouse the authority to use your credit card, it will be your responsibility to pay for any charges made.


  • Living in a community property state - You are responsible for any debts incurred by your partner. The creditor has the ability to claim some of your assets if your partner is unable to pay the debt. Should you divorce your partner, all debts incurred before the divorce are shared. Both parties owe it all. This is a reason why some people require a prenuptial agreement before marriage.