Spring Newsletter 2022

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Blooming this spring season is our second newsletter. Here is a sample photo of our Spring Newsletter this year. You can now get a copy of it just by clicking this


Our Spring Newsletter is divided into 8 sections:

The first part of the newsletter is a simple note from us Unlike the Winter Newsletter, our note for this quarter compose of two pages. Below is a sample photo of the first part of the newsletter.


The second section is about the tips for spring cleaning to get your home sold. It composes of three pages. Below is a sample photo of the second section.

The third section is the Featured Listing. It has only one page and consist of one listing that is active on the market. Call us at 806-438-3215 if you know someone who needs help in selling their home. 

The fourth section is another article. It is about 6 ways on how you can embrace a warmer weather. It has two pages. 

The next section is about the details of our team. We updated the details of our team compared to the Winter Newsletter so be sure to get a copy of this one.


The sixth section is a Featured Review. Of course, we are proud to show you the reviews of some of our clients. For this newsletter, we have two new reviews from our clients. It has only one page.

The seventh and supposedly the last section is another article. It talks about on how to design your dream patio. It composes of nine ways and it has three pages.

We added another article at the end of the newsletter. The additional article is the eighth section or the last part of the newsletter before our contacts and important questions to ask. The article talks about home improvements that can add value to your property without spending too much. It has two pages.